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Forestdale Park Seniors Show

The Vidyanjali Dancers visited the Forestdale Park Senior Living Center in Malden, Massachusetts on October 24, 2021 to share a bit of Indian culture with the residents as part of their "Get Your Passport" program which showcased different world arts, cuisines and more. Sumaedha Konduri and Vidhatri Pujar kicked off the presentation with the traditional Thisram Alarippu. Sumaedha also presented the padam "Madhura Nagarilo" to show abhinaya, and Vidhatri represented pure dance with the "Namaskaar" dance. Our youngest students Tarini Srinivasan and Devika DeLong did a demonstration of the basic adavus of Bharatanatyam and the 28 single handed gestures. They also did the prayer shloka "Mooshika Vahana". Aparna Rayasam shared a history of the celebration of Diwali and some detailed information of how Hindus celebrate the holiday in America, and Vidyanjali Director Anandini Chandra Sekhar detailed how this art form has been passed down generation to generation from ancient times. We enjoyed this opportunity to do community outreach in the Greater Boston area!


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