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Vidyanjali Dancers at Newton Diwali 2022

The youngest students of Vidyanjali (which means offering of knowledge) presented a short prayer called “Bhoomi Mangalam” for the Newton Diwali celebrations with Mayor Ruthanne Fuller on Monday October 24, 2022. This spiritual hymn with music by the late great Pandit Ravi Shankar invokes the elements of the universe - earth, water, fire, wind, sky, sun, moon and planets. The blessings of the elements are called upon to bless humankind’s life force, body, mind and soul. This item was choreographed by Vidyanjali’s Director, Anandini Chandra Sekhar, a Newton, Massachusetts resident for the past 12 years.

The participants were Jaya Butler (age 11), Devika DeLong (age 9), Jiya Vachani, (age 9) Sahana Tuli (age 9), Sahana Kochar (age 6), Priyanka Butler (age 7), Rujuta Dorsch (age 10), Nuria Kumar-Warikoo (age 10) and Tarini Srinivasan (age 10).

Special thanks to Rakashi Chand for inviting the students of Vidyanjali to participate in this event, and Janhavi Wadhwani for her endless support of our team and the arts.


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